Amanda Sutton(non-registered)
Thank you Jay for all you do for the rodeo community!! The pictures are just beautiful...
Franki Pagan(non-registered)
Your pictures are amazing!!! Thanks you so much for the awesome pictures of my daughter. I wasnt' able to make it to this race to watch her, and these photos were a nice surprise!!!!
hi jay
Loralee Cleveland(non-registered)
Love your photos!
Maria K. Tranberg(non-registered)
Love your work, Jay!
Sherri Burns(non-registered)
Jay is a fabulous photographer, contact him for your next event you will not be disappointed.
Joanne Aikins(non-registered)
Jay does awesome work for all our Norco events. I always look forward to viewing his shots on FB, and it is so easy to purchase thru his website. His customer service is unparalleled! We are lucky to have Jay and Megan as residents, and hope they feel that way too because you will never be allowed to move away!
Suzanne Sparks(non-registered)
I always look forward to seeing Jay's great action shots, and candids! He does an excellent job of capturing great moments, and since I cannot be at all of the events my daughter does, I always make a purchase of his shots, and I am always happy with the quality, and look forward to getting them! Well worth the purchase! Thank you, Jay!
Jordann Uruchurtu(non-registered)
Jay is a great guy! Super friendly and personable! His work is simply amazing, and his prices are unbeatable. The photos are pristine and you really do get the best quality prints! I recommend JnJ Photography to everyone!
nathan strahan(non-registered)
not only has this guy takin tons of awesome pictures of me saving cowboys and flying through the air lol but he will be the one doing my photo shoot for my sponsors and our family pics. i highly recommend jay for any kind of event a great guy to have around!!!
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